Strolling through the streets of Cremona you can easily notice the problems that affect most modern cities.

But who should solve them? In our opinion, neither a public institution nor a private enterprise can’t do everything on its own. It should be a team effort: smartly combining different skills and tools allows you to reach unexpected results. We believe that close working relations between private enterprises and the non-profit together with public bodies can gradually lead to an economy of the common good.

Through our Smart City Center app, for example, we’d like to help you find out "what’s on in the city". For this purpose we’ve created a large platform, a sort of city 3.0, for both citizens and businesses and the non-profit who provide the city with goods and services every day of the week. We want to help shops, artisans, restaurants, professionals, sport clubs, all kind of npo’s to increase their overall visibility and to improve the way they communicate, offering our Smart City Center app along with direct customer assistance.

There are plenty of apps already and there are still more to come, but Smart City Center tries to be different. We think we can do more, but not on our own. We’d like to work together with everyone who shares our goals. It’s not our ambition to take the place of people who are doing an excellent job in their field.

We therefore have set up a sales network with local advertising agents to offer first-rate sales and assistance services to our customers. Our No Waste project has been organized with the help of Caritas and parishes who have consolidated charity experience. Finally, breaking news is provided by La Provincia, a serious well-known local newspaper.

By connecting people and projects we make a first step towards solutions. This is the beginning.

Our goal

Create apps and services to support and promote shops, small businesses and NPO’s locally.



Founder and Managing director

Cremona, Italy

"You take delight not in a city's seven or seventy wonders, but in the answer it gives to a question of yours" (Italo Calvino).
Cities thrive on communication, in the archaically sense of this word: "sharing" messages that express intentions, thoughts, feelings and information. All else follows. Facilitating communication through Smart City Center, that is my ambition.


Class Capital PTY LTD Co-Founder

Sydney, Australia

"Listen, learn, laugh" (Richard Branson).
Seriously listen to people, learn from their real needs and never forget to laugh. Keep doing what we have chosen to do with a smile, even in hard times, because obstacles are only stepping stones to success. That’s how we have decided to revitalize urban areas through our Smart City Center projects.



Partner per lo sviluppo commerciale e il servizio Business Buddy

Cremona, Italia